2 Easy Steps to Defining Your Unique Selling Proposition

by Summer Alexander on September 20,2012

Unique Selling Proposition

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So you make the best cupcakes in Chicago?

That’s nice.   


Oh your marketing strategies will help me gain more clients?




One session with you and all of my stress will disappear never to return again?


Wow. Where do I sign up?  


Okay Summer so what are you saying?


Listen, it’s a noisy world out here and people have shorter and shorter attention spans.


WAKE UP! See I almost lost you, now pay attention I’m going somewhere with this…


Anywho, if you want people to stick around and not only check out your offerings but actually purchase them – whether in-store or online – you better have a very good (obvious) reason for them to do so.


So let’s talk USP.


A unique selling proposition serves one primary function and that is to tell your potential customers why they should choose you over the competition or even worse – opting to do nothing.


It should be clear, concise and drive customers to take action.

Step 1 – List the customer benefits


This is assuming you have already defined your target market for the product. If not start by reading: 7 Steps to Defining Your Target Market.


Okay, so now on to customer benefits and remember this is NOT the same as product features.




The inner lining in the dress instantly takes 3 inches off of your waistline.




Feel more confident entering any room with your new slimmer appearance.





This dessert is sugar free.




You can indulge in as much of this tasty dessert as you please – guilt free.


Step 2 – State your Guarantee


You know your features, you know your benefits now it’s time to back up your claims.


Your guarantee should do more than separate you from your competitors it should eliminate them.




We are the only company in our industry who _________________.

  • offers a lifetime warranty
  • provides 24 hr support
  • is certified by the ABC, CBA, DEF
  • donates 10% from every purchase to _______________
  • guarantees same day delivery
  • uses eco-friendly practices
  • offers no-cost installation, consultation, or proposal



Being Unique


Remember the goal of your unique selling proposition is to help you stand out so feel free to be bold and outlandish as long as you are capable of doing what you claim.


In order to be unique you must be specific and resist being a jack of all trades. You don’t have to offer the best product and the cheapest prices. Choose one or the other.


Find the one thing that your company offers that provides your target customers with a no-brainer solution to their precise need.


In other words make it super easy for them to say yes!




Here at Summer Alexander Research we provide one thing – high quality, easy to understand, timely, marketing plans. (features)


Our reports provide clients with unbiased confirmation that their business idea either can succeed or needs to be revamped, before they invest tons of time and money into bringing it to market. (benefits)



Our USP: We provide market research reports that are the easiest to understand and implement, and are always delivered in 2 weeks – guaranteed.


Famous USP’s


I’ll leave you with a few other USP examples from major brands. See if you can guess who they belong to.


“You get fresh, hot pizza delivered to your door in 30 minutes or less — or it’s free.”

“The short-haul, no-frills, and low-priced airline.”

“Engineered like no other car in the world.”




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If you missed the previous free download click here:  Free Customer Service Plan Template 


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