7 Low Cost Marketing Strategies You Can Implement Right Away

by Summer Alexander on March 7,2013

Summer AlexanderIn order for you to get the most out of this list I think it’s best to start with my definition of marketing:

Marketing is everything you do to inform potential customers about your products or services.

Every conversation you have, every Facebook and Twitter post, the content on your website and the way you answer your phone, all fall under the umbrella of marketing.

I want you to eliminate all thoughts you may have about marketing being hard and costly. In an effort to help you, I’m going to provide you with 7 low cost marketing strategies that won’t cause you to grow gray hairs trying to implement. 

Before we get started I will point out that it is important to start with a marketing plan otherwise you are likely to try one or two things with no consistency and get absolutely no results. Lucky for you I’m offering you my Effortless Marketing Plan ($47 value) absolutely free here.  

Okay so let’s dig in….

#1 – Reach out to a potential joint venture partner

Make a list of 5 people either in your local community or online who offer products or services that are complimentary to yours. Brainstorm some ways that the two companies could partner together that would be mutually beneficial. 

If you sell dresses perhaps you can partner with a local shoe store and offer a discount coupon to your customers for a pair of shoes with every dress purchase over $100. Ask the shoe store owner to offer the same.

#2 – Start an email newsletter

Yes you’ve no doubt heard this before, but how’s it going? Starting an email newsletter and consistently sending out an email newsletter are two completely different things. 

I cannot tell you how many times I’ve signed up for an email list only to hear from them once every blue moon and usually only when they are trying to sell me something. Yuck. 

The way I force myself to be consistent is by letting my email list know that they will hear from me every Thursday (this makes me accountable for keeping my word). I correspond my newsletter with my blog posts for two Thursday’s per month and with my video releases the other two Thursday’s. 

(Hint: everybody starts their list with a handful of friends and family and sometime it can seem like months where grandma is the only person reading but if you put an effective lead generation strategy in place your subscriber list will grow.)

#3 – Add case studies and testimonials to all of your marketing materials

You should be asking your clients/customers for feedback after every purchase. I send out a client satisfaction form which allows them to provide me with ways I can improve along with a space to add a testimonial. 

Now the trick here is to guide them in providing the testimonial in a way that showcases the results they received from working with you. I like to use this format:

Before working with Summer Alexander Research,  ____________________ and now ___________________. 

So once you’ve gathered a few testimonials be sure to add them to your brochures, website, social media pages and you can even add your best client feedback to the back of your business card. 

#4 – Have a flash sale

Take an honest inventory of your products and services and make a list of those that either never sold, sold very few or never saw the light of day. 

Now take the one that cost you the least to produce (in time or money) and mark it down to the point where you are almost giving it away. $7, $17, $27 – whichever is appropriate and market it to your email list (even if it’s just Grandma), your Facebook or Twitter fans, put it in the local paper or community mailer, or have one of your children take a flyer to all of their friends parents – hey whatever it takes. 

#5 – Create a rotating email signature

Every week I change the last line of my email signature so that it provides a link to my latest blog post or YouTube video. I also include a link to my free business plan toolkit and my Facebook page. 

Take a look: 

Summer Alexander email

#6 – Mentor someone in your industry

Okay, I know you are wondering how in the world mentoring someone will lead to new sales in your business and honestly I can’t say it will directly. However, from what I’ve seen in my own business as well as my clients’ – finding a way to give always seems to open the door for new opportunities within your business.

So think back to all you didn’t know when you first started your business…..think harder….ah yes, now you remember. The pain, the struggle, the desire to cry and throw in the towel many a night. 

Now think how beneficial it could be if you were to provide someone in that exact place with a few tips and resources to make their journey a little easier. You could even allow them to intern with you for a few months and help out with some of the tasks that were once important for you to handle but would now allow you to use your time more wisely if someone else were doing them for you.

#7 – Host a small workshop

Where in your local neighborhood could you host a small one hour workshop for your target market? The library? Local community center or chamber of commerce?

I find many entrepreneurs are resistant to hosting a workshop because of fear no one will show up or they won’t know what to say. Well I’ve developed a foolproof workshop plan and you can pick it up here for only (gasp) $7! 

Prefer video? 

So tell me which of these marketing strategies will you implement right away?

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