The Done For You Marketing Plan


If you have been in business for at least 1 year but have yet to establish a clear online and offline marketing strategy, this plan is for you. 


Entrepreneurs who:


  • Have either a brick-and-mortar location or are completely online
  • Are unsure of the most effective way to attract clients/customers online
  • Don’t have an effective lead generation (list building) plan
  • Flounder around inconsistently on social media or worse have no social media plan at all
  • Bounce from one online strategy to the next with no real results
  • Are not sure if you should have an eBook, membership site, YouTube channel, newsletter, blog, coaching program, etc.
  • Don’t know the most effective offline advertising for your specific business (direct mail, radio, newspaper ads, trade shows,  seminars, etc.


How it works:


  1. We will start with a 45-60 minute chat about where you currently are in business and where you want to be. 
  2. We will discuss your: pricing, ideal clients, ideal business schedule, offline marketing strategies, and your technical comfort zone
  3. I’ll get busy researching the best strategies for you based on the specific needs of you and your business – this plan is completely customized for you and your business
  4. I’ll include a social media plan based on where your ideal clients are online (note: you do not have to utilize every single platform to be successful!)
  5. I’ll create a comprehensive yet simple to understand (and implement) online and offline marketing plan
  6. I’ll include a video review of your current website with recommendations for improvements
  7. Presto! In 2 weeks your completely customized online marketing plan will be delivered physically to your door as well as via email (PDF document)
  8. After you’ve had a chance to review the plan we will meet again for a 90 minute strategy session to discuss implementation of the plan


Custom Marketing PlanThe Done For You Effortless Marketing Plan takes the guess work out of increasing sales in your business through proven online marketing strategies. You will receive a comprehensive, yet easy to understand and implement, marketing plan with an integrated market research report.


In this plan I will put together a comprehensive marketing plan that consists of the following:


Market Research


Your custom plan begins with a thorough market research investigation to uncover your ideal target audience and how best to reach them, your competitors so you can differentiate yourself from them, and current industry trends.


Overall Online Presence


Identification of everywhere your business should be appearing online including local and national business listing sites, industry forums and select media related business sites.


Email Marketing


Every business should have an email list and an effective lead generation strategy in place to build the list. This module includes a custom free offer strategy, newsletter plan, and auto-responder set-up.




Your website is more than an online brochure and should be used to effectively generate leads for your business. Additionally, your website should provide content that is relevant to your potential customers and not your competitors or other industry insiders. You will receive a custom plan for content, traffic generation, branding, blogging and clarity of message.


Offline Marketing


Based on the information gathered in the market research phase of the process we will determine which of over 25 off-line marketing strategies will be most effective for your business. Including: direct mail, community mailers, newspapers, radio, workshops/seminars, tradeshows, sponsorships, yellow pages, billboards etc.


Social Media


No you do not have to be on every social media platform to gain new targeted leads for your business. Again, with the use of the market research data we will determine which specific platforms will be most effective for your business and your industry. You will also receive a 12 month custom social media plan and best practices for growing your following organically. This module also includes procedures for turning fans, followers and likes into paying customers.


90 Minute Strategy Session – once you’ve had an opportunity to review your custom plan we will schedule a follow-up phone call to strategize the implementation of the plan. Phone support will continue to be available for 30 days after you receive your plan


“Before hiring Summer Alexander Research to complete my marketing plan, I was ALL over the place & wasting money on marketing to people who were NOT within my target market, and now I am strategic. I KNOW my strategic partners. And I KNOW the difference between my strategic partners & my target market!! Thanks!! Next Level!!” – Felicia Houston, Founder,Anointed Wives Ministry 


I’ve had some online sales is this plan for me?
It depends. If you are bringing in sales consistently online and these sales are in line with the financial goals you’ve set for your business this plan is probably not for you. On the other hand if your online marketing is only bringing in dismal results you should order right away.

What type of businesses is this plan for?
This plan is for businesses who have been open for a minimum of one year. If you are a coach, consultant, speaker, marketer, solo-entrepreneur, corporation, or any type of small business owner looking to grow their business online this plan is for you. If you’ve been in business for less than one year I can better serve you with our Launch Your Business Effortlessly 3 month program.  


This plan is not a good fit if your business falls within the following categories: MLM/Network Marketing, industries that require a very specific skill set such as medical research, engineering, or franchises.


Have you helped anyone else successfully?
Absolutely! I invite you to first check out my qualifications on the Meet Summer page and to also review all the feedback I’ve gotten from previous clients here. I also offer a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee – If you are not 100% pleased with any aspect of your project I’ll redo it until you are – for free.


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