How to Grow Your Business With Speaking

by Summer Alexander on February 11,2018

Speaking has been instrumental in the growth of my business. Speaking allows you to share your knowledge and expertise in front of a room full of potential clients. As an added bonus, speaking is one of the only marketing strategies that pays you! You earn revenue from the speaking engagement and from the audience members who will become clients as a result of your talk.


However, speaking for entertainment or motivation is very different than using speaking as a marketing strategy to grow your business. In this video I share 5 steps to implement speaking as a marketing strategy in your business.


Step #1 – Determine who you are speaking to


Step #2 – Determine what you are speaking about


Step #3 – Determine how much to charge


Step #4 – Determine what to offer


Step #5– Determine how to get speaking engagements


In this video I explain each of these steps:


To learn more about growing your business with speaking check out my FREE training: Speak Up! Overcome the 5 Obstacles of Growing Your Business with Speaking

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