How to Create Your Core Marketing Message

by Summer Alexander on September 12,2014

Core Marketing MessageMarketing is about creating awareness and building trust. It’s about starting a Main Graphics orange county printing with the people who have a problem (need, want or desire) for which you have a specific solution. 


With that being said it should come as no surprise that step 1 in preparing to market your business is determining who that group of people is for your business. 


You can learn more about identifying your target marketing here.


Now once your generally clear (I say generally because as you grow, learn and evolve so will your ideal target client) you’ll want to start communicating with them in a way that lets them know you understand where they are and that you and your company are the exact remedy to their specific problem. 


The only issue is that there are an almost endless number of platforms for you to market your business and each comes with its own set of rules as to what kind of communication is appropriate.


For example Twitter gives you  140 characters to say what you gotta say. Pinterest wants you to use beautiful, colorful images to get your point across and when sending out an email newsletter your readers want to feel connected with you before they make a decision to buy. 


If you are thinking “Great Summer, now I have to come up with 100 different marketing messages to connect with my target market?”


No not at all. 


What you need to do is create your Core Marketing Message which is the foundation for all of your marketing communications. 


Your Core Marketing Message is a statement that sums up what you do, who you do it for (your ideal clients), and why they should work with you.


Your core marketing message is comprised of four essential components. 


#1 – Your target market. This is the group of people with a problem (need, want or desire) who know they have this problem, are actively seeking a solution to the problem and can easily afford your most expensive solution to the problem. 


#2 – Your target market’s biggest problem as it relates to your business. (In other words if your target market has a desire to get married and is searching for their soul mate yet you are a weight loss coach… you need to uncover their biggest problem as it relates to losing weight and let another professional help them with the soul mate search.)


#3 – Your solution. Use your core marketing message to highlight your solution to your target market’s specific problem. 


#4 – Your proven results. It is always a good idea to highlight how you have helped others who are in a similar situation to move from problem to solution. 


Here is an example:


For new mothers of children between 1-3 years old who are still struggling to lose the baby weight, Rapid BabyFat Weight Loss will develop a custom meal and exercise plan to help you release those stubborn pounds quickly. Our clients lose an average of 10lbs within 30 days of hiring us. 


Let me give you an example of a core marketing message from my own business:


For serviced based solopreneurs struggling to attract clients and generate revenue consistently, Summer Alexander will teach you how to market your business strategically. In her marketing training’s, workshops and bootcamps she has helped hundreds of solopreneurs see an average of a 40% increase in monthly revenue. 


Let’s dissect this:


For serviced based solopreneur’s  – my target client


struggling to attract clients and generate revenue consistently – their main problem as it relates to my ability to help them


teach you how to market your business effectivelymy solution


helped hundreds of solopreneur’s see an average of a 40% increase in monthly revenuemy proven results


Here is how you use your core marketing message across varying platforms:




Solo biz owners in need of more clients and revenue join me for a free #marketing training.




Summer Alexander, Marketing Consultant for Service Based Solopreneurs


Speaking Presentation Title-


The 7 Secrets of Increasing Revenue by as much as 40% in your Solo Business (that may be a stretch but you get my point lol)


Pinterest post:

Untitled design (2)



Remember your core marketing message is the foundation for all of your marketing communications it gives you a starting place when developing your marketing materials, website copy, social media posts, elevator pitch, business cards, speeches and more. If all of this is too confusing for you, then check out this web marketing company so they can take care of all your marketing needs.


Now let’s hear from you: Use the 4 components of your core marketing message from above and share your core marketing message below. 


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