If You’ve Ever Wanted to Quit… 3 Steps to Change Your Mind

by Summer Alexander on December 12,2013

Summer AlexanderEntrepreneurship ain’t easy. Sales can soar one month and the next the phone seems to stop ringing all together. Some customers love your products, others ask for refunds. Everyone else in your industry seems to always, always have it all together.

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So the question then becomes how do you navigate the entrepreneurial journey without going completely insane?

Here’s a 3 step plan to help you define and realize success on your own terms.

#1 – Define Success for Yourself


Have you ever really taken the time to identify what it is you want from your business? How many hours do you want to work per week? Do you really want to hire staff or do you like having a virtual team? How much money would you like to take home per month – specifically? Which products, programs and services do you love and which are you holding onto only for the money?

Your definition of success is just that – yours. When I think about success for myself I know it’s important for me to be finished with client appointments and meetings by 3pm each day so that I can pick my son up from school.

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