Marketing Outside Your Comfort Zone

by Summer Alexander on March 21,2013

Summer Alexander Outside the Comfort ZoneLately I’ve been encouraging my coaching clients to try new ways to market their businesses and when I say new, I mean scary. In fact the scarier the better. 

You see I’ve come to learn that accomplishing those big goals and dreams we have for our lives requires us to first move outside of our comfort zones. Only no one really likes to go outside their comfort zone because we are completely scared of failure.

Or are we?

I would argue that we are not so much scared of failure as we are scared of what someone else will think of our failure.

So what is it that you want? To earn six figures? Win an award within your industry? Work with corporations?

Now ask yourself if the current methods you are using to market your business are likely to get you there. If they are not, let’s explore some ways to move you out of your marketing comfort zone.

#1 Move from online to offline (or vice versa)

If your current marketing efforts include blogging, posting on social media, sending newsletters and emailing prospects it may be time for you to come from behind your computer and start talking with people face to face.

Develop a small workshop around your marketing message and hit the road! Sign up to speak at your local business association’s monthly meeting or at the next business conference in your area. Purchase a booth space at the next industry tradeshow or request to speak at a local networking event. You could also be really brave and join your local speakers bureau!

If you are already hot on the speaking circuit you can start to widen your reach by exploring the online world. Create a Facebook or Pinterest page for your business and start to engage with potential customers. You can also start a blog and a monthly digital newsletter.

#2 – Move from working with individuals to organizations (or vice versa)

If you’ve built your business as a way to serve one-on-one clients such as a consultant would do, there may be bigger opportunities to reach larger organizations with your products or services. Yes it may require some extra effort such as responding to RFP’s or presenting to high level executives but the money you could make would likely catapult you into the next income bracket- quickly. 

If you are thinking a corporation would never want what you are offering, think again. Corporations hire outside consultants for a variety of services including: Marketing Consultants, Coaches, Photographers, Health/Wellness Experts that recommend supplements as pure Kratom extracts, Web/Graphic Designers, Writers and more. 

To get started you can list your business for free at Supplier-Connection a web based portal where small businesses can potentially connect with around 20 huge companies such as IBM, Kellogg’s and AT&T who are committed to sourcing goods and services from the small business community. 

Now if your current client roster is loaded with corporate clients you may still have an opportunity to increase your business revenue by offering paid workshops/seminars to other consultants in your industry who would like to learn how to gain corporate clients. 

Final Thoughts

The way I see it you have two choices: you can keep doing the same thing you are doing and getting the same results you are getting or you can relieve yourself from the fear of failure (also known as the fear of judgement from other people) and step outside of your marketing comfort zone and move much closer to achieving your goals.

Prefer video? Watch this post below!

I’d like to hear your thoughts. In what way can you move outside of your comfort zone this week?

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