The Karaoke Marketing Mindset

by Summer Alexander on July 25,2013
Summer Alexander Research

One of my favorite local restaurants recently added karaoke to their Thursday night lineup. I’ve never been one to jump up and grab a microphone in a room full of strangers and sing anything.

And so I didn’t.

Week after week I showed up every Thursday and loved every minute of it – from the comfort (and safety) of my own table.

You see there is good fun in swaying along as someone who has clearly sung lead in a church choir or two, belts out a melodic rendition of a Chaka Khan or Alicia Keys tune.

Oh but the fun really kicks in when an off-tune, creaky voiced enthusiast grabs hold of the mic and gives it their all.

While it’s all in good fun I usually find myself keeled over in fits of laughter at the latter.

I’ve actually found that the less vocal ability the greater the entertainment value. These vocally challenged songstresses are always the ones who work the stage, pass the mic around to the audience and receive the biggest applause. The workers who are behind the slots uk sites and focused on the business side are public relations people, talent agents and representatives, marketing managers, entertainment lawyers using AmazeLaw, and distribution workers, among others.

So I know by now you must be wondering what karaoke could possibly have to do with marketing….

Well the karaoke DJ who happens to be a good friend said something that really resonated with me after around my fourth week of attending – and not participating.

Karaoke is 99% confidence and 1% talent.

That statement lit a fire in me and I decided to drop the fear and intimidation and join the fun.

And boy was it fun!

Now back to your marketing. What marketing strategies do you know you should be using (because of the potential to put you in front of a larger audience) but instead you are allowing fear to stop you from doing?

Is it video? Hosting workshops, seminars or training’s either in person or virtually? Contacting bigger companies to discuss your services?

For the sake of this article we’ll say the “fun” of singing karaoke instead of just listening is equal to making money in your business. Think of how much more money your could earn if you stopped singing along from the sidelines and instead ran up to the stage and grabbed the mic.

Remember karaoke marketing is 99% confidence and 1% talent.

You don’t have to be perfect but you do have to take action and take action consistently. Did my singing get any better after consistently singing karaoke? Not at all. However, I learned along the way which songs the audience really enjoyed and loudly sang along to – which consequently drowned me out. In other words I found a way to make it work.

I’d love to hear your thoughts. Where should you be marketing your business and what are you going to do about it? If you are unsure download our free marketing plan template here.

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  • HI Summer, This is a great analogy! I love it. 99% confidence and 1% talent. I’m going to remember that when I am feeling hesitant with my marketing – for sure.

    • Summer Alexander

      Thanks Amy! When it comes to marketing I say try everything at least once and see what sticks.

  • Cheryl

    What a great analogy and sooo true. The same can probably be said about every endeavor. We learn and grow our expertise and enjoyment by DOING! Maybe I’ll join the karaoke crew after all. =)

    • Summer Alexander

      Yes Cheryl at some point you have to throw caution to the wind and jump in! If you make a mistake one thing is for sure – you won’t make it again. Every “mistake” is an opportunity to learn a lesson. Let me know if you give karaoke a try =)

  • Dixie

    Wow, thanks for the encouragement….I have really been thinking about doing more and don’t know where to start…I am going to read your free plan!!

    • Summer Alexander

      Great Dixie let me know how it goes!

  • I loved the way you put those two things together—I can see how they are related after you pointed it out. Marketing is 99% confidence. I’ll have to try to remember that!

    • Summer Alexander

      Most things are Cheryl!

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