The Not So Obvious Signs of Poor Customer Service…

by Summer Alexander on May 30,2013

free customer service planUndoubtedly you’ve encountered an employee who was too busy in a personal conversation to attend to you or walked into a fast casual restaurant only to find that they ran out of the one dish you were craving.

We recognize the obvious signs that customer service is not a priority; businesses not opening on time, return policies that only favor the company, countless minutes on hold for a real human being….

However, outside of the unmistakable there exist a number of silent customer service killers that if not caught can send your customers running in the opposite direction and your small business dreams down the drain.

  • #1 – Not having a dedicated business line. For only a few dollars per month this is easily remedied but the consequences of potential customers calling you and one of your children answering the phone are not so easy to forgive. The number showcased on your business cards, website, social media pages, etc. should be answered professionally by you or a professional voicemail message. (Hint: never answer your business line with only a hello!)
  • #2 – Website immaturity.  There are a few differences between the website of an established professional and the website of someone just getting started. But it doesn’t have to be so. Even if you are just getting started no one has to know! Pictures of your products (or yourself) taken with a cell phone, an email address ending in anything other than, grammatical and spelling errors are all potential customer deterrents and signs that your website has some growing up to do.
  • #3 – Failing to deliver on time. Bottom line, if you promise to deliver your products and services by a certain date, you must deliver. If you promise to send an email, meet a client in person or provide a discount you must do what you say you are going to do, when you say you are going to do. Without fail.
  • #4 – Hiring staff who are not committed to the success of your company. These employees are not so easy to see. They are often on their best behavior when you are around but as soon as you leave…. customer service goes out the door. Your employees need to be an extension of you. Be sure during the hiring process to share the vision for your company and to express the need for every employee to uphold that vision. You must also have a checks and balances system in place to deal with employees who consistently undermine your vision.

In this day and age of social media and company review sites you cannot afford to allow your consumers to experience easily prevented customer service problems. 

If you need help putting together your customer service plan, download our free customer service template .

How do you ensure quality customer service in your company? Share below.

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